Monday, July 28, 2014

Colorado Balloon Classic

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

iA Writer (apps for iPad)

iA Writer garnered acclaim from writers of all levels for a minimalism that forces you to focus on, well... writing. Its cloud-based syncing and Markdown support are fantastic, but it’s best for its ability to stop you from procrastinating for another hour with hundreds of formatting options.

Google Drive (apps for iPad)

Google's dedicated Drive app brings surprisingly thorough editing and formatting tools to your iPad, and it's still the best way to collaborate on documents. Plus, you get multiple accounts and access to every document, spreadsheet, and file on your Drive.

Duolingo (apps for iPad)

Co-founded by one of the minds behind the CAPTCHA, Duolingo's suite of excellent language-learning apps offer lessons in French, German, Spanish, and more. It’s a fascinating proposal: Duolingo is free to use, and your work is harnessed with hundreds of thousands of other users to help translate the web.

Paper (apps for iPad)

Even before FiftyThree released Paper, creative types were crafting beautiful artworks with their iPads. While most drawing apps give you a vast array of settings and options to choose from, Paper wants you to treat it like a regular sheet of paper. Its intuitive design works equally well with a finger or a stylus, and the smooth lines and pastel shading Paper offers can make even the worst artist's creations look great.

Garageband (apps for iPad)

Apple’s iOS port of its music-making software Garageband was maybe the first must-have app for the iPad, and even though there hasn't been a major feature update in almost two years, it's still just as good as it's always been. The Smart Instruments, which can play a number of customizable patterns, make it accessible to everyone but there's a lot of depth hidden behind the app's friendly interface.

1Password (apps for iPad)

Best known for its prowess at generating and storing passwords, the iPad version of this app also boasts a highly useful browser. Log in to your favorite websites with a couple of taps and stop worrying about having to tap out a complicated password with your thumbs.